Quit Smoking Without Starting A New Addiction

Some would claim the secret to quit smoking is to replace one bad habit with another – patches, pills and e-cigarettes that all help you stop. Seems they’re really replacing your addiction. The cost is about the same for those paths, you’re still lighting up with the e-cigarette, sticking on a patch when needed or popping the latest drug.

I would encourage you dear reader to find another path, choose to quit in a way that doesn’t have those replacement addictive qualities – each one with its own health risks. Choose a healthier lifestyle and choose a method to stop smoking that doesn’t require a replacement addiction.

The True Cost of Replacement Addictions

There are a LOT of things to say about e-cigarettes, the health effects are mentioned in studies here and here. They contain chemicals such as Propolyne Glycol, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, and toluene, as well as heavy metals like cadmium, nickel, and lead. You probably don’t want to start those up. Patches don’t always help people either.

Quit Smoking and Save Cash

How much money will you save when you quit smoking? Someone who smokes half a pack a day will be spending over a thousand dollars per year. It’s not much different with the replacement addictions like E-cigarettes.

To quit smoking with minimal effort, you should choose a program that you can follow on your schedule. A non-smoking program that helps you change and create better habits.

Our Recommendation

QuitMeter believes that better habits are formed through repetition and a known, working program for help. By giving our recommendation on a stop smoking program, we hope that you will quit smoking tobacco and eliminate the harm it causes to your body.

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