4 Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing a Watch

As our culture has changed and grown over recent decades, many of the things that were once considered normal aren’t anymore. Many of the tools people once couldn’t live without are no longer easy to find. Staples within fashion have all but vanished with the takeover of technology. One such example is the wristwatch.

Watches have always been an important aspect of industrialized culture. Generations ago, men carried pocket watches. As the world advanced, the wristwatch was created, which opened the act of carrying a watch to more people, both male and female. Watches became available in inexpensive and expensive luxury brands, and they grew into a symbol of status and wealth. However, when cell phones became the norm, people stopped wearing watches because they had clocks on their phones.

There are websites like WatchBox available to make even high-end luxury watches available and affordable to most people. You can find pre-owned Grand Seiko watches for a fraction of the retail price online, so cost should not be a deterrent.

Here are four reasons you should start wearing a watch.

1. Intellect


As most people have stopped wearing watches and rely solely on their phones, those who still wear watches have become more noticeable. Additionally, many young people no longer know how to read an analog watch because everything they work with is digital. Wearing a traditional analog watch gives the appearance of intellect and integrity. When making a good impression, wearing a watch will make you appear more intelligent and more engaged in the conversation.

2. Reliability


Watch batteries last months or even years, which is far more than the hours a cell phone battery lasts before needing to be charged. Watches are more reliable, and they can be worn even in courtrooms and classrooms where phones may not be allowed. They are more durable and keep accurate time. When people lose or break their phones, they are lost because they rely so heavily on a relatively fragile device.

3. Accessibility


They are far more accessible and respectful. When you want to check the time, you look at your wrist. If you are relying on your phone, you have to take your phone out to look at it or keep your phone out so you can see it. This sends the message to the people you are with that there are more essential things keeping your attention. Constantly looking at a cell phone has damaged and even destroyed relationships and is often seen as rude due to the pervasiveness of the practice. Wearing a watch eliminates that, making the time more accessible.

4. Status


Despite most people not wearing watches anymore, they are still a status symbol. People still recognize Rolex, Quartz, and Seiko. Men like David Lindahl, who controls over $240 million in real estate, understand the importance of status and the things that allow you to achieve it. When going into important business deals, interviews, or exchanges, it is essential to feel confident and make a great first impression. Small details like wearing a watch will achieve that. While you still have to back up the image with the information and knowledge, your image will take you a long way.

These four reasons work together to make you appear more put together, more intelligent, better prepared, and more engaged. People will be naturally more impressed by you in business dealings and will interact with you differently. Wearing a watch may seem like a small change to your everyday wardrobe, but it significantly changes your image. It can also enhance your look if you get watches to match with different outfits.