Don’t Just Wish Health, Give Health This Holiday Season

It’s normally customary during the festive season to make a toast to one’s health and the health of the entire family. In fact, greeting cards often contain the phrase “to your health” or “best wishes.” But it’s a phrase that is often said almost without any thought to its meaning. However, this year you can spread good health as well as wish it to your loved ones. Here are a few ways how.

Hearing Health Help


According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, also known as NIDOCD, around 15% of over-18s have reported problems with their hearing and potential hearing loss. In other words, approximately 37.5 million Americans have noticed that they have one of a number of hearing issues. These range from a mild to severe background noise in the ear canal that can’t seem to be placed (tinnitus), or partial to profound hearing loss, as well as severe hearing loss requiring the constant use of corrective equipment through a type of hearing aid.

The statistics extend to children as well, with 2-3 out of 1,000 American children also diagnosed with a type of hearing loss at birth. With so many children and adults needing hearing aids in the U.S., perhaps this is one avenue that you can help with during the holiday season.

New hearing aids are a long way from the clunky, cumbersome devices of only a few years ago. Even the largest “in the ear hearing aids” (ITE hearing aids) are tiny compared to the smaller models of old. As more people prefer not to draw attention to them, plus the way that technology has improved, they’re now much smaller than they used to be. Inner ear or outer ear hearing aids can come in such a small size that they’re practically unseen. These “invisible hearing aids” are usually crafted by earmolds, and they go unnoticed by everyone but the wearer. As such, they can make the best hearing aid for a family member who is conscious of their inner and outer ear health.

Only audiologists can provide the right hearing care to cure or alleviate hearing loss, but on this Christmas morning, maybe you can provide a different type of gift. Book an appointment with an ear specialist to have in the ear hearing aids designed and custom made for a loved one with hearing loss. Hearing Health USA are audiologists and hearing aid technicians that can take an earmold of a family member and create a special invisible hearing aid for them. Using the specific hearing health of your family member, the invisible hearing aid can be calibrated to suit whatever degree of hearing loss they have, and it can be placed in the inner ear, or on the outer ear.

Particularly for young children with hearing problems, leave a loved one a Christmas gift they will never forget in the form of a hearing aid.

De-swelling the Inflammation


There’s nothing that can hamper holiday cheer more than a miserable case of inflammation during the holidays. There are multiple causes for why one will feel bloated, including water retention, indigestion, and trapped wind. That said, the results of inflammation can go even further, causing a swelling of the arms and ankles and puffiness in facial features.

The main problem with this health issue is that it’s not easily resolved by serums and creams, as they will only reduce the symptoms without relieving the cause. There are a multitude of lotions that can tighten the appearance of puffy eyes, but if you’re looking to address the water retention that causes them, then head over to, and order some natural diuretic supplements.

Swellnomore is naturally made in the USA, and it’s backed by Doctors all over the country. They have been in production since 2011, but despite this, do not ingest anything without consulting your own doctor first.

Mental Health Care Over Christmas

Let’s face it; 2020 has been a dire year for many of us. Between the social distancing lengthening the gaps between close relatives, and COVID-19 worrying everyone, perhaps the best way to spread the Christmas spirit this year may be to provide your loved ones with some magical Christmas moments for your entire family. Five Nights Online has some great ideas for those magical moments that will not only spread Christmas joy, but strengthen the Christmas spirit, and it’s the perfect remedy to a year that has hammered the mental health of many loved ones.