Overcoming Drug Addiction: Tips for Finding Support

Dealing with opioids is not an easy feat to overcome, try asking someone struggling with drug addiction. Addiction is a biopsychosocial disorder brought on by compulsive behavior in hopes of rewarding behaviors despite adverse events and consequences. Substance dependence develops from repeated administration of a drug which then results in withdrawal upon cessation of use.

Opioid addiction and dependence are quite common in the United States with 200,000 cases being diagnosed every year. Opioid based drugs do not have to be illegal in order to become addictive or cause a person to gain dependence. Opioids could come from a doctor’s prescription and not a drug dealer. Common symptoms of opioid dependence are uncontrollable cravings, withdrawal, and inability to control use despite having negative effects on relationships or finances.

I’m Not Dependent

If you’re a long-term opioid user and have felt withdrawal symptoms including restlessness, muscle aches, anxiety, lacrimation (eyes tearing up), anxiety, sweating, runny nose, frequent yawning, inability to sleep, or act of taking more than prescribed, chances are you might be dependent. There are also tests on the internet to determine if you’re suffering from opioid use disorder. There’s nothing to be ashamed of from drug abuse, it’s quite common for people to even become addicted to their own medications. The first step is to admit you have a problem and need help.

I Need Help

The United States has come a long way in opioid use treatments. During COVID-19,ultra rapid detox may be the best decision for getting help for opioid dependence. Under the care of medical professionals, the Waismann Method provides a pain-free detoxification process under heavy sedation or anestheia. What can take upwards of a week to accomplish in detox can only take anywhere from 2-4 days at the Waismann Method. They are the leading rapid detox center since 1998, having a 21-year reputation for exceptional care and superior results. Patients also have the opportunity to begin treatment of Naltrexone or Vivitrol after completion of successful medical detox.

Now, What Should I Do?

Now, it’s time to pick up a hobby or find support groups. While a lot of people find solace in 12 step meetings, others find it in religion, and some find it in the form of hobbies. Have you ever thought about studying space or astronomy? You can do just that and much more at thetundra, an all-new website that allows users to build communities to share their interests. This is a website where enthusiasts explore interests together and connect with one another. There are so many communities on the site you might not know where to begin, but don’t become overwhelmed by your options. Enjoy, and take it slow.

How Do I Tell My Family?

If your family hasn’t yet found out about what you’ve been working through, opening up to them can be one of the more difficult things to do in your post-addiction life — besides staying sober. It’s a hard thing for a parent or loved one to hear the struggles that you’ve endured, but it must be done — especially if you hurt someone during the time of your addiction or drug dependence. Sometimes, when in the midst of using, behaviors can be a bit erratic and you’re unsure of who you have hurt. Now is the time to make amends to clear your mind and move on. If you’ve found a support network, you can use their guidance to help break the news to loved ones, or you can ask one of them to be by your side when you speak to your loved ones.


What Else Should I Do?

Don’t take on too much on at once. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was destroyed in one. Make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself, as this can usually bring people back down the wrong path that took them here. If you feel like you aren’t doing enough, then have you ever thought of going back to school? If school isn’t in your cards, then try to go traveling and go explore the rest of the United States to get out of your head. The significant changes you will start to see in your life will be incredible.