The Most Common Pedestrian Accidents and How To Avoid Them Happening to You

Pedestrian accidents can happen in an instant and often result in serious injuries. They can also happen anywhere and at any time. Pedestrians are susceptible to injuries when hit by a car, truck, or another motor vehicle. However, there are several things pedestrians can do to avoid being involved in accidents, including:

  • Wearing bright clothing during the daytime
  • Using crosswalks when crossing streets
  • Making sure drivers see them before crossing the street
  • Not crossing in the middle of the street
  • Not using electronic devices while crossing streets

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Why should you hire a pedestrian accident attorney?


There are many reasons to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer if you are hit by a car. One of the most important reasons is that they can help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Pedestrian accident lawyers know the ins and outs of personal injury law. You can find a pedestrian accident attorney by searching “pedestrian accident lawyer near me,” they can help you get the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, it’s essential to seek legal representation as soon as possible. The lawyers at Walner Law have years of experience fighting for the compensation injured pedestrians deserve. Insurance companies often try to avoid paying out claims for pedestrian accidents, arguing that the pedestrian did little to avoid the accident. However, the lawyers at Walner Law will work tirelessly to prove that the driver was negligent and caused the accident. They will fight to get you the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses and other damages. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, do not hesitate to contact them for a free consultation. They will review your case and let you know how they can help.

Hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer can help you negotiate with the insurance company. Insurance companies often try to settle pedestrian accident claims quickly and for a low amount. Still, a lawyer can help you get a fair settlement that considers all your losses.

Finally, when you hire a pedestrian accident lawyer they can help you avoid mistakes that can jeopardize your case. There are many complicated laws and rules involved in pedestrian accident cases, and a lawyer can help make sure you are following all of them. This can help increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome in your case.

How can you avoid a pedestrian accident?


While there is no foolproof way to avoid being involved in a pedestrian accident altogether, there are some precautions that you can take to help reduce your chances of being injured.

First, always be aware of your surroundings when walking around town. Don’t bury your head in your phone or listen to music with headphones on; you need to be able to see and hear what’s happening around you. Pay attention to traffic signals and cross streets at intersections whenever possible. If there is no intersection nearby, cross only in areas with a marked crosswalk and wait for the walk signal before crossing the street. Also, be aware of cars turning into or out of driveways or parking lots as you walk by; these drivers may not see you if they aren’t paying close attention.

If you are hit by a car while walking, even if you feel like it was nothing more than a tap, seek medical attention immediately. Often, pedestrians don’t realize how badly they have been injured until later; seeking medical help right away will ensure that you receive any necessary treatment as soon as possible.

Pedestrian accidents are common and can be easily avoided by taking a few simple precautions. Always use a crosswalk when crossing the street, make sure to look both ways before crossing, and obey all traffic signals and signs. If you are walking at night, wear brightly colored clothing and carry a flashlight.