Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Addiction Recovery

Smartphones have become our own personal managers, so to speak. With so many useful apps and reminders, it becomes nearly impossible to live without them, and that’s why the slightest crack sends us frantically running to the nearest iPhone repair services shop. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

What if we told you that doesn’t mean we’re becoming too dependent, but instead that we’re starting to care more about ourselves and our goals?

Smartphone apps can downright turn our lives around when developed by experts who empathize with our struggles, and that includes addiction. If you or someone you know suffers from addiction, the list below is what you’re looking for.

The Best Addiction Recovery Apps You Can Download Right Now

Nearly 21 million people in the United States have at least one addiction. These statistics, however, only take into account the ones related to alcohol and substance abuse. In reality, addiction is characterized by compulsive behavior that might take control of a person’s life if not treated soon enough. Smartphone addiction and social media addiction are valid examples. 

Regardless of the root of psychological dependency, triggers and relapses bring hard-earned progress to a halt. That’s why we’ve selected five of the best-reviewed apps (starting at 4.5 stars) to guide your way towards sobriety and peace of mind. 

Sober Grid: Sober Grid is the No. 1 app for addiction recovery. Create a private or public account and get daily badges and pledges, mood trackers, as well as certified live peer recovery coaching 24/7, 365 days a year. 

The app is funded by the National Science Foundation and it’s the biggest mobile sober community. 

Pricing: Free

Recovery Box: Also known as the “12-step toolbox,” Recovery Box features pages from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous by Bill W., a co-founder of the AA. This appraised book presents simple step-by-step guides for recovery, as well as successful personal stories to keep you in the right frame of mind throughout your journey. 

Additional tools include six prayers, a thorough explanation of the twelve-step-guide, an emoji gratitude list, consciousness reminders, thought-registering notes, and more. 

Pricing: Free download/annual subscription of $9.99. 

SoberTool: This app was developed by a Chemical Dependency Counselor straight out of Harvard. SoberTool will help you stay sober and void relapsing through an interesting and unique process: inverting relapse thinking into recovery thinking, based on your current mindset and potential cravings. 

A handy sobriety counter tracks your daily, monthly, and yearly progress, and you’re rewarded every time you hit a milestone. That’s not all: you also get coping and recovery tips by searching for a specific feeling, and you’re free to share your journey with others in an anonymous community forum.

Pricing: Free download

LetGOH: LetGOH was created to help you abandon debilitating habits beyond substance abuse. Among the addictions, it helps you conquer are gambling, sex/relationships, food, co-dependency, or any other psychological dependency you might have. 

Meditations, whether silent or guided, are proven to improve symptoms of addiction. In this app, you can choose your meditations, prayers, and affirmations of your preference. With a daily activity checklist, you can document the positive aspects of your day. A premium version allows you to be sponsored/sponsor someone else to better motivate them. 

Pricing: Free download/in-app purchases

Nomo: “It’s time to say no more!” Interestingly, Nomo isn’t a company, but a regular guy who wants to see people achieve sobriety and success by creating custom clocks. There’s nothing better than knowing the developer empathizes with hundreds of thousands of users in recovery. 

These clocks tell you exactly how much money you’ve saved while recovering, how much weight you’ve lost (for alcohol), and other useful counters. It’s also packed with features suggested by users, including journals and exercises to help you maintain focus. 

Pricing: Free

The most useful part of all of these apps? Help is available at the touch of a screen, as soon as you unlock your phone.