Unique Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

In the dead of winter when it’s dark out at 5 in the afternoon, and snow is leading to backbreaking shoveling, we long for summer to come around and warm us back up. Then, summer gets here, and we find ourselves sweating out a blistering heatwave, or parking ourselves right in front of the air conditioner. However, there are more ways to beat the heat than just running up your electric bill with your AC. Here are a few tips to keep cool as the mercury rises.

Staying Hydrated


It may seem simple to just fill up a bottle with tap water, but there are actually more unique ways to stay hydrated than just heading to the faucet. You may want to take the time to search “water delivery services near me” for bulk water bottles to quench your household. These services even offer up sparkling water for a little bit more effervescence while making sure you get the daily hydration you need.

Don’t feel as though you have to stay bland with your water dispenser. Mix things up by adding some fruits into your water dispenser for a little zest throughout the day. You also can capitalize on some important nutrients every time you head to the water cooler in this way. There are also items like alkaline water that help to neutralize acid within the bloodstream, better regulating your overall health.

Enjoying Some Cool Treats


While an ice cream cone may be the normal go-to for a cool down in the summer, you can get unique with your chilly treats. You can try mixing things up with a slushy machine that allows for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages without the hassle of blending. There’s no need for ice, and there’s limited mess and noise that comes as you make a batch of slushies for the kids, or some daiquiris for adult time.

Coming with high-quality syrups in a range of flavors, there’s always something to suit your preference. This can give you a great-tasting frozen cocktail that makes you feel like you’re sitting poolside at a Caribbean resort, as opposed to your own backyard. If you’re looking to change up your morning routine a little bit, these slushy machines have even been used for fruit smoothies and a unique take on iced coffee.

Having Some Water Fun


While the swimming pool is the obvious option, public pools can get overcrowded and not so enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to look into some fun ways to make water work for you. A water balloon fight always makes for a good time, and all you need is a hose or faucet to fill up. Just set up some buckets of balloons and watch the water fly.

If you want some different options, try a frozen T-shirt race. Soak some shirts, wrap them in wax paper, and put them in the freezer. Once they’re stiff, hand them out to players, and the race is on to get your shirt on first. You can even try a take on the classic bobbing for apples known as bobbing for ice cubes. Fill up a kiddie pool with water and some ice cubes, and have players use their toes to retrieve as many cubes from the water as possible.

Heat Things up With Spice


Believe it or not, spicy foods can help you cool off. We sweat when we pour on a bit too much hot sauce or snap into a pepper, and sweating is your body’s natural way of regulating body temperature. This is why new recipes have come into play adding spicier ingredients to summertime treats, like jalapeno margaritas and spice-rubbed watermelon.

If you have a slushy machine, don’t hesitate to go with a spicy rim on those frozen cocktails. That little bit of heat along with a cooldown can figuratively help you fight fire with fire.