4 Effective Ways to Clear Your Mind

Let’s face it; our mental health is key to our overall well-being. You’d probably agree that if a person is physically fit, but the mind’s operation or well-being is impaired one way or another, a breakdown may occur. This will eventually affect productivity in daily life and overall wellness. Therefore, knowing your mental health needs will give your brain or mind a quick reset.

This can be helpful when focus starts to appear difficult to maintain. That said, if you can relate and have experienced those near mind breakdown or difficult to concentrate moments, you could use these four practical ways to clear your mind.

1. Go on a Wellness Retreat


You don’t have to wait until you are depressed or suffering from anxiety disorders before taking a breather. If you have the time and resources to spare, it’s best to opt for holistic treatment, visit a detox facility or go on a mental health retreat. Such retreats cater to people from all walks of life and will help reset your energy flow. The healing process or treatments used at mental retreat centers include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy: The retreat staff will use this method to guide you on a journey of better ways to respond to and manage stress triggers.

Interpersonal therapy: Because it’s not uncommon for our source of mental breakdown to be from relationships with others, so a therapist will teach you techniques on how to resolve conflict without it taking the better part of you

Psychodynamic therapy: Yes, the mind can also become regularly clogged up and impaired because of past pain. The treatment team will help dive you into the past to help unravel any old pain affecting your quality of life in the present.

Overall, the retreat experience is worth it. However, you can go on a DIY mental retreat if you don’t like the idea of a facility helping you to clear your mind. The first thing is to select a quiet environment to engage in some meditation or mindfulness. Yoga, horseback riding, hiking, and bonding with nature are also examples of ways to clear your mind on your own.

2. Go Jogging

Exercise is another proven way of achieving calmness. it’s especially good for those with constant negative thoughts or other mental health issues. Physical exercise has a way of re-channeling your energy and eliminating daily stressors, making you focus on your movement, heart rate, breathing, and well-being.

Jogging is a great way to reduce adrenaline and cortisol levels. You can opt for a PowerStep insert if you already have running shoes to further promote your comfort with each step you take. These inserts offer good arch support to help eliminate foot pain, heel pain, and discomfort as well as other feet related issues like plantar fasciitis. Alternatively, if you’d rather not job, hiking on extensive walking trails will be very beneficial.

3. Go Offline


With social media notifications begging for your attention, I know this one sounds a bit difficult. However, avoiding distractions is one of the ways to clear your mind, especially when you are trying to take a break and come back refreshed. Trust us; the internet can be a huge distraction if you’re finding it hard to concentrate. Just unplug for a while and find other ways to unwind other than through the screen of your phone. For example, you can engage in other activities like planting flowers in your garden, knitting, drawing, solve simple puzzles.

4. Bring in Music


It’s a known fact that music can change moods, alter emotion, relieves tension, improve concentration, and so on. Those who engage in monotonous, daily tasks have confessed that listening to music helps them effectively get through the day. You can select different playlists. Add some music for maintaining focus. Then add others to relieve tension and help you shift your mind to a more relaxing or positive state. If you love romantic songs, they can be an effective way of clearing your mind.