What Practitioners Do Teletherapy Services Hire?

The global pandemic has changed how healthcare facilities around the globe do business. More than ever, patients are meeting with doctors and other health professionals through telehealth systems. Convenient and user-friendly, these online programs allow patients to stay in close contact with healthcare providers without ever needing to step foot into an office or meet in person.

With that said, telehealth services are being used for more than the basic physical or doctor check-up. Instead, many telehealth service providers are hiring practitioners to offer care in a digital format in response to a mental health crisis and other trends. To learn more about who telehealth service providers are hiring to administer online care, read on.

Mental Health Professionals


Major changes in the world, the pandemic, and a mental health crisis are all leading toward a greater need for providers who specialize in psychology. As people assess their lifestyles, careers, and plan for the future after the pandemic, many are returning to school for things like behavior analysis master’s programs, group therapy, and health advocacy work. These forward-thinking students understand the need for more practitioners who can provide essential services in the area of mental health.

The reality is that teletherapy has never been more popular. This trend will stay with us well past the pandemic. For this reason, community health organizations and even private practices are now looking to hire people who can offer therapeutic services over the internet.

Whether you’re a family therapist, nurse practitioner, social worker, or healthcare educator, your ability to help people with symptoms of depression, managing feelings of isolation, grief, anxiety, and behavioral challenges will continue to be in demand long into the future in the digital format.

Nurse Practitioners


With doctors stretched thin, many healthcare facilities are looking toward nurse practitioners to offer online services to patients. Able to write prescriptions, these highly educated practitioners are helping to manage the flow of care as doctors juggle Covid-19 patients in this second year of the pandemic.

If you currently have an RN and have ever thought about becoming a nurse practitioner, now might be a great time to return to school for advanced training. Not only would you be able to make a big difference in the lives of the patients you serve, but you could do it from the comfort of a home office.

Health Educators for Employee Wellness Programs and Trainings


The healthcare industry isn’t the only industry changing as a result of the pandemic. As more people than ever start new businesses, go remote, work in hybrid models, and make other big job changes, employees are in shortage everywhere. This is causing employers to reconsider what they can offer the people who work for them. Many employers are implementing wellness programs as part of their employment perks packages.

If you’re someone with training in health education or currently work as a health advocate, it might be a good idea to look up job opportunities in your field. Many healthcare facilities are now hiring health educators they can outsource for wellness programs and provide training to employers about how to keep employees safe. Educators with licenses in nursing or other specialty areas are in high demand for this new, telehealth position.

Like it or not, the world is changing. The world of healthcare is no different. In fact, the entire healthcare industry will continue to change due to the pandemic. If you have training as a health educator, therapist, psychologist, nurse, or another type of provider, now might be the time to brush up on your technology skills and consider the possibility of work as a digital provider. The world needs your help.