6 Tips for Fixing a Broken Marriage

Marriage is hard. Anyone who has ever been married will tell you that. If you suspect your marriage is breaking or falling apart, it can feel lonely and like an insurmountable amount of pressure is on your shoulders.

It’s difficult to always know what to do when you think that the person who is supposed to be your teammate in life is no longer that person. However, all is not always lost. You may be able to put your marriage back together. If you are grasping at straws trying to fix a broken marriage, here are six tips that may help you figure it all out.

1. Remember Why You And Your Spouse Got Married In The First Place 

One of the first things you and your spouse should try to do is remember and talk about why you got married in the first place. Revisit your vows, old memories of early dates, and inside jokes to help you remember the qualities about your partner that made them the one for you. Get back to the basics as a basis for your healing as individuals and as a couple. This will help rekindle the fire and get you motivated to make things right in your marriage. 

2. Attempt To Spice Up The Bedroom

Sometimes the issue in a marriage that is falling apart is a sexual one. If this is the case for you and your spouse, consider finding some ways to spice up your life in the bedroom. Introduce some sex toys or a sex doll from California-dolls. Sex toys and sex dolls can introduce you and your partner to new moves, new positions, and can spark new confidence in both of you. Trying something like this could seem unorthodox, but it can bring you and your spouse much closer than you’d think, which can help fix your marriage.

3. Invest In Yourself

If you want to save your marriage, sometimes the thing that needs to be fixed is yourself. Invest in yourself and make yourself the best you that you can be, as cheesy as it sounds. Being your best can make your marriage better, as it will motivate you to improve all parts of your life. It may even inspire your partner to invest in themselves, which will make them feel more motivated to work on your marriage.

4. Practice Radical Listening And Communication

One key thing missing from a lot of marriages is adequate communication, coupled with adequate listening. If you can spend time working seriously on your listening and communication skills and truly hear out your partner, it will help solve a lot of issues in your marriage. Reduce distractions and spend time truly hearing your partner’s concerns, worries, and hopes. That way, you know what to work on and how they feel about it, which will help you as you try to fix your broken marriage.

5. See A Therapist, Either Together Or Separately

If you can, consider enrolling in couples therapy. Having a fresh set of eyes and ears on the issues in your marriage can really help. And, you can find a therapist that holistically understands your marriage’s unique challenges and opportunities. If you cannot do couples therapy or are not at the point where that is comfortable for you and your spouse, consider doing therapy separately and talking about what you’ve learned as you see fit.

6. Take A Trip Together

If you feel comfortable to do so, one thing you could consider is taking a trip with your partner. Having some quality time together just the two of you could rekindle your sex life and begin in-depth conversations. Also, it is an opportunity to create some new memories together seeing new places and doing new activities.