A Step-by-Step Plan to Taking Back Control of Your Life

With the new year fast approaching, many people are looking forward to setting new goals and changing their lives in new and exciting ways. The problem for many, however, is figuring out what this shift will entail and where they will need to improve in order to lead the lives that they want. 

Do you want to make this year your year? Do you want to set and meet goals that will carry you forward in life? If so, let’s take a look at the step-by-step plan to taking back control of your life that will grant you this freedom.

Set Specific, Actionable, And Achievable Goals

Taking back control of your life starts as all great journeys do, with an actionable game plan! In order to seize your life and steer it in the direction that you want, you first have to define what it is that you want out of life and how you can make that happen. For example, let’s imagine that you have neglected your health in past years and you are heavily focused on turning this around. 

One of your major plans for the year may be to shop around for health insurance plans so that you can begin tackling some of the health issues that you may be facing. While the above point is certainly a goal, you still need to make it more specific and actionable in order to properly reach your goals. For example, a great goal may be outlined like this example: 

  • I want health insurance that can cover (enter health problems here)
  • I can afford (this much)
  • I want to purchase a health insurance plan by (this date)
  • I will begin my research on (this date)

When you outline your goals and define what you want, you are more likely to achieve it when you finally get to do the work required. 

Start Habits That Will Help You Succeed

If you have a general goal that doesn’t necessarily work with the above example, one great way to tackle these is to begin working on small habits that allow you to work towards that goal. Let’s imagine that one of your goals is to improve your overall health. You buy CBD isolate, shop for groceries that are good for you, and buy a bunch of workout gear with the expectations that you are going to change overnight. The truth? You are most likely going to throw in the towel before you even get started. The goal is big, and expecting yourself to become someone else in a day’s time will only set you up for failure. 

Instead, start changing your habits and gradually build up to your desired goal. For example, you can begin eating healthier one week, start going on walks or jogs another and start building up these habits until you are on a regular exercise schedule and no longer think about junk food. It’s not one massive change that leads to the new you. It is a lot of small changes!

Realize Mistakes Are Normal (And Every Day Is A New Opportunity)

When instant change doesn’t manifest in our lives, it can be easy to get down on ourselves. This is what leads us to give up on our goals and walk away from our dreams. Instead of expecting yourself to transform into a new person, realize that you are going to make mistakes along the way. None of us are perfect, and we will trip up every now and then. It is absolutely okay! Every day is a new opportunity. As long as we aim to do our best and forgive ourselves when we fail, we can always get back up and try again. 

While taking back control of your life can be a daunting task, it is more than possible. To get started, use the step-by-step guide above to set achievable goals, begin making the necessary changes to adjust your course, and learn self-compassion!